Frequently asked questions


MLJ 50th Reunion 2018

November 2-4 2018

Pre-Events begin Oct 31st!

I missed registration. What do I do?


What does my ticket cost cover? (why's it so expensive?)

• catering costs have gone up from past years

• largest group to date

• renting community center for entire weekend

• transporation Vans/Uhaul equipment

• paid professional photographer

• insurance costs have gone up

Why aren't we doing farmers market?

Timing: Saturday morning is the only time to rehearse the field show.

So why no cookhouse this year?

Cookhouse is not able to secure reservations, and is unwilling to have such a large group.

Again, This is the largest group we’ve ever had. Basically, they do not want us there. 

Is there a time for us to jam and play music?

Post game, we’ll have a long playing session where axes throughout the years will get a chance to show off once again.

I’d like to attend reunion but cant afford it, what should I do?

We want you there! if you have a hardship, or special circumstance, please contact

information will be kept confidential

What if I want to sponsor someone else's ticket

contact and we'll make it go.

I need a folder?

send an email to

I’d like a folder sent to me ahead of time be prepared to fork over some dough for printing and shipping

I asked for a folder during online registration. 

it will be available at registration 

Will there be childcare at the event? 

The MLJAA has made an effort to make allowances for those who must bring their children this event. Parents are encouraged not to bring their children to this adult oriented reunion. Parents will responsible for watching their children during the event. Kids are allowed to participate in activities all day Saturday November 3 until 7 pm. If you need local assistance with childcare, please reach out to local residents or the internet.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Vegan/Gluten Free options will be offered Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday breakfast.

I am interested in volunteering to facilitate the event. Are their opportunities?

Yes we need volunteers to help with set up, clean up, decorations, transportation, door guards, and much more. Please email if you are willing to help

Will transportation be provided?

Several vans will be rented to assist in moving folks from the Arcata Valley West hotels to the Arcata Community Center and HSU.  See the schedule for details

These vans hold 10-11 passengers, and may need to make several trips.  We need drivers. See below:

Can I help drive?  *DRIVERS NEEDED*

We are looking for a pool of responsible drivers over 25 with a valid driver’s license. 

Please email if you can help us.  

If you are driving yourself, 

The community center has ample parking, but we still recommend carpooling and responsibile designated drivers. 

do registration prices go up?

Yes. Late Price: $175 October 1 until October 15

No tickets will be sold after October 15

Why did the prices go up October 2?

Regular pricing was extended past the initial cut date of September 16 to October 1.

We held off as long as we could.

In order to get the best rates and secure quality catering, we needed to sign contracts sooner rather than later. Adding people after certain dates rasies the cost for us.

Again though, we want everyone to come, if you have a hardship, or special circumstance, please contact information will be kept confidential

How frequently does a question have to be asked in order to be placed on the FAQ page? (submitted by Nick in San Diego)

Thanks for your Question Nick, for that answer, we'll soon be directing you to our FAQs about our FAQs page page which we hope to have live sometime before the 55th reunion.