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The Swag committee is working hard to bring you the best in MLJ reunion schwag.

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, various beverage vessels anl all sorts of crap will be available.

merch & crap

MLJ 50th Reunion 2018

November 2-4 2018

So what the hell are we doing?

What does my $$$ buy besides a bunch of catered meals, insurance, some big-ass places with a roof where we can make a bunch of noise, fancy trinkets, some tasty beverages to quaff, and a ton of other stuff I would have never thought of?

Check out the tentative schedule here

The Schedule


recommendations for lodging in the Arcata Valley West area


The Marching Lumberjacks Alumni Association Presents

Pre-Events begin Oct 31st!

We want your old MLJ Pics

Photos, slides, film, video, newspaper clippings, memorabilia etc.

Old stories too!

Anything MLJ, we'd like to have it in the archives. Okay, almost anything.

MLJ Archives

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Donate! We STILL need your help.

Every little bit helps. Help fill the suitcase.

Donate whatever you can to help your fellow banda.

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